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  • Eggshipper by Safegg™ - Pumpkin Noodles Gift Box

    Pumpkin Noodles Gift Box

    This is one of those dishes that’s really exciting to eat. The specially made chili-dried shrimps give so much flavor when eaten together with pumpkin noodles. Absolutely not to be missed, this spicy, sweet and sour dry noodles pack makes a perfect Father’s Day gift. The preparation is simple yet so rewarding, all you’ll have to do is just cook the noodles, add some chili-dried shrimps, and top it off with a Tsukimi Onsen egg. No other ingredients are required. Each beautifully crafted box comes with pumpkin noodles, chili-dried shrimps, and a Tsukimi Onsen egg. Get it now while stock lasts. Meal preparation only takes around 5-6 minutes. Just follow the preparation instructions behind the box.

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Safe Food Corporation a.k.a Safegg™ is Malaysia's first and only company producing pasteurized shell chicken eggs since 2008. And now, Eggshipper by Safegg™ now brings you the freshest eggs directly to your door. Only the freshest eggs laid within the past 48 hours are pasteurized to create Safegg™. All our eggs are sourced from hardworking local Malaysian farmers.


With more than 13 years of experience pasteurizing eggs, Safegg™ eggs are naturally made safer using Safegg's award-winning South Korean egg pasteurization technology.


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