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Classic Pasteurized Chicken Eggs 10-pc

Safegg Classic Pasteurized Shell Chicken Eggs

Crack open one of the brown beauties for a taste absolutely out of this world! 

Safegg freshly pasteurized chicken eggs are safe to eat right out of the box. Cook half boil eggs, bake tiramisu cakes and create even more astonishing dishes with confidence!

Safegg Classic pasteurized eggs have a shelf life of of min 14 days. 


About Our Eggs

  • 10 eggs per pack
  • Freshly pasteurized
  • 99.9% free of harmful bacteria 
  • Pasteurized using Safegg award-winning South Korean egg pasteurization technology
  • Ready to eat - Little to no cooking required
  • Halal certified 
  • Plump yellow yolk with the fresh, wholesome taste
  • Eggs with brown shell 
  • 14 days shelf life 
Please Keep Eggs Chilled between 4-7°C