Why Safegg™?

Why buy Safegg?

No more egg worries

1. This is the end of your egg worries.
 Cook Safegg eggs anyway you want — raw, semi-cooked or well done. 99.9% free from salmonella and bacteria means Safegg eggs are safe to eat out of the box! Click here to learn more.



Free Egg Boiler

2. Free egg boiler 

Spend a min of RM30 on Eggshipper and we'll give you a free egg boiler.

Use it to prepare soft-boiled eggs or lightly heat up Tsukimi Onsen eggs. 

And don't forget to enter code 'MY10' at the checkout page to enjoy an additional 10% discount. 

Next day delivery

3. Freshly pasteurized, freshly delivered eggs 

Why shop for eggs when we'll deliver it to you! Seriously...eggs won't get any fresher than this. 

And we're currently we're providing next day delivery from Mon-Sun to Klang Valley area. 

We'll also give you free delivery if you spend a min of RM60!